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Blue Jade Hadera

Shifu Yaniv Cohen

Blue Jade Israel

Hadera city, Israel


Shifu Cohen in no stranger to gongfu. By the time he began studying with shifu Bluestein, he had already been practicing the martial arts for 7 years (a brand of 'Krav Maga'), and has been playing and teaching several instruments as a professional musician for over 20 years. His calm and relaxed demeanor hides a ferocious and strong character, whose bitter upbringing in some of the roughest of neighbourhoods molded into a resilient frame. He is a strict but lovable teacher, whose pedagogical abilities are second to none. Having owned and operated a pub, he is no stranger to violence, but always prefers peaceful resolutions via tactical and strategic measures over the need to use his knowledge of the art.

Like the Israeli people themselves, Blue Jade Israel is a school which features a no-nonsense practical attitude and an innovative free spirit. The students are down-to-earth and direct. They are likewise welcoming and hospitable, and enjoy the introduction of new arts, ideas and individuals to their academy.


Cannot find a Blue Jade Martial Arts school near you? No need to give up. We also offer INTERNATIONAL SEMINARS!

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