Blue Jade Los Angeles

This is our special branch in Hollywood, led by shifu Noam Klement, who is highly acclaimed in the local film industry for his skill and expertise.


Shifu Noam Klement

Blue Jade LA

Hollywood, LA, USA

(213) 509-5616

Shifu Klement is a hard-working, dedicated practitioner, whose training was more difficult than most on the path of becoming a teacher. He began his studies with a local, generic 'Krav Maga' school, which he attended for two years as a teenager. These teachings had failed him, though, when in the course of a brawl, his skull had a close encounter with a knuckleduster. Having been shocked by the experience, he ceased training for a few weeks. Then one day, as he was strolling the park near his house late at night, he came upon shifu Bluestein, who was crawling on the floor, in the midst of a very challenging exercise. Following a short conversation, shifu Bluestein took a liking to this young man, and invited him to attend his classes. Over 3 years later, Noam was the first man to have become shifu Bluestein's disciple, and after more than 6 years of training, he had come to attain the title of 'Shifu' (12th rank in the Tong Bu Dao system). To achieve this in such a short period of time, Noam trained harder than most, and even traveled with shifu Bluestein to China, to train under master Zhou Jingxuan for a month. During the time when he lived in Israel, shifu Klement was shifu Bluestein's closest student, and would commonly spend the upwards of 6-7 hours a day in his teacher's company. 

For many years, Noam had cultivated a career as a film and television editor, working for some of Israel's largest media networks. In the year 2019, Noam was accepted to the highly sought-after AFI school in Hollywood, which is considered by many to be the foremost school for the cinematic arts in the entire world. He subsequently moved to Hollywood (he is an American citizen), and embark on a journey as a professional film editor, at the heart of the film industry.


Being that he is a busy professional, shifu Klement's school is a modest one, and he can only accommodate for a few individuals at a time.  Aspiring applicants shall be scrutinized and interviewed before being accepted for their first free trial class.

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