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Blue Jade Tel-Aviv

Shifu Asaf Menahem

AKA 'Bradley'

Blue Jade TLV

Tel-Aviv, Israel


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Shifu Bradley has been a student of Shifu Bluestein since 2016. He is a very promising young man, who has accomplished a lot at an early age. By the age of 21, he was experienced a weight-training coach, an expert on sports therapy and recovery, a certified medical massage therapist and a paramedic. He had already practiced Krav Maga for 4 years, Western Boxing for 6 months and Russian System for 3 years, when he first arrived at Shifu Bluestein's classes. Studious, eager and hard-working, Bradley climbed through the ranks quickly, and oversaw the teaching of many of Shifu Bluestein's students while the latter was abroad for 2 years. Despite his friendly and easygoing nature, Shifu Bradley is very keen on stressing the combative aspects of the arts, and has tested his skills with a great deal of practitioners. 

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