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Is Tong Bu Dao a new martial art?

Not exactly. Tong Bu Dao is well-organized curriculum for teaching traditional Chinese martial arts. The Tong Bu Dao curriculum is based on the traditional Chinese martial arts of Xing Yi Quan, Bagua Zhang, Pigua Zhang, and Tang Lang Quan. These are all traditional Chinese martial arts which shifu Bluestein has studied and taught for many years. The teaching remains very traditional and the methods are mostly similar or identical to the originals. The martial arts are taught in succession, and not together - the traditional model, as opposed to 'mixed martial arts'.

The Tong Bu Dao system was created in order to make these traditional Chinese martial arts more accessible to modern people who live in the Western world, without diminishing from their complexity and sophistication. It is important to stress that Tong Bu Dao did not appear out of thin air. Shifu Bluestein's teaching are based on over 250 years of continuous martial arts lineages. He admittedly stands upon the shoulders of giants in order to bring traditional Chinese gongfu to our modern era.

Click Here for the Tong Bu Dao Lineage Chart

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