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Blue Jade Ramat Gan

Our headquarters and main branch. Founded in 2013 by shifu Jonathan Bluestein. He holds the belief that Blue Jade Martial Arts should stand at the forefront of teaching excellence, and function as a model community. His teachings uphold the utmost traditional standards of instruction, making sure that every student is treated with great care, attention and respect. He yearns that each member of his school and organization would feel welcome, at home, and studying something which is worthy of his or her time, and strongly contributing to their lives.



Shifu Jonathan Bluestein

Blue Jade Ramat-Gan



Shifu Jonathan Bluestein is one of the foremost teachers of traditional Chinese martial arts in our time. He has studied and taught martial arts since the year 2004, and is the head of Blue Jade Martial Arts International.

Born and raised in Israel, growing up shifu Bluestein had a very eclectic life and experiences. In his youth, he was a television show host, an instructor in children's computer summer camps, an infantryman, a police investigator, and also earned degrees in Law (LL.B) and Government studies. Later, shifu Bluestein embarked on a career as a full-time martial arts teacher and author.


His journey in the martial arts began under coach Raanan Tal, whose boxing gym was the best in the country, producing national and international champions. He feels that Western Boxing was a good stepping stone for him, as it forces one to engage realistically with the intensity of combat.


Following this, he studied under Itzik Cohen sensei, 7th Dan Shorin-ryu Karate and Shito-ryu Karate. It was under the devote tutelage of Itzik sensei, that shifu Bluestein first gained exposure to the essence of traditional martial arts culture. They have since been good friends and colleagues.


Jonathan's most influential teacher following his Karate years, was shifu Nitzan Oren, from whom he studied Xing Yi Quan and Pigua Zhang. These rare and exceptional teachings, delivered in the utmost traditional manner and in great depth, are what allowed shifu Bluestein to arrive where he is at today. With shifu Nitzan, Jonathan studied for a good five year, and later on and off for another five years, for the better part of a decade. Supplemental to this study of Xing Yi Quan and Pigua Zhang, were long periods when shifu Bluestein studied under his shigong, late master Zhou Jingxuan, in Israel and China. Overall, Jonathan had one month of 5-hour training days in Israel with late master Zhou, and 6 months of living and training daily in China under him. With master Zhou, Jonathan also learned some Baji Quan and Shaolin Jingang Bashi.


A while after master Zhou's untimely passing, shifu Bluestein became a private student of master Sapir Tal, one of the inheritors of a system called Kwong Sai Jook Lum Gi Nan Tang Lang Pai (Jiangxi Province Bamboo Forest Temple Southern Praying Mantis Sect). Sifu Sapir's kind heart and esoteric teachings had helped Jonathan tremendously in the evolution of his martial arts, and understand of power generation and internal practice. Jonathan has worked closely with sifu Sapir as his private student and personal assistant for nearly 5 years, and both have benefited from this great relationship. 

Shifu Bluestein has been involved in the study of traditional Chinese medicine with his friend and colleague, prof. Stephen Jackowicz, since the year 2017. He has furthermore been engaged with Bagua Zhang since the year 2019, and the names of his new teacher in this art shall be revealed at a later date.

Other martial arts styles which shifu Bluestein had studied and practiced for shorter periods of time or experienced here and there, include Chen style Taiji Quan (of several lineages), Liu He Ba Fa, Russian Systema, KEPAP (a type of Krav Maga), Wing Chun (of several lineages), Zhong Xin Dao, and Xin Yi Liu He Quan.

You can view shifu Bluestein's complete martial arts background on the LINEAGE CHART page.

Shifu Bluestein is also the author of several best-selling books on the martial arts.


Itzik Cohen Sensei


Discipleship image of Jonathan Bluestein with Nitzan Oren


Discipleship image of Yaniv Cohen and Noam Klement with Jonathan Bluestein


Master Sapir Tal

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