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Keen on organizing a fascinating event? Looking for an outstanding lecture to get your guests talking? Want to learn more about the philosophies of the China or the traditional martial arts of the Orient? 


Shifu Jonathan Bluestein, head of Blue Jade International, is available to deliver just that!  Speak directly with him, and custom-tailor a class, workshop or a group activity which suits your specific needs. He would furthermore be happy to lecture on the contents of his best-selling books.


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Common topics of interest, which shifu Bluestein would be happy to elucidate, among many others:

- What is Chinese Medicine?

- What is the Dao?

- What is Qi?

- How is Qi used in medicine and the martial arts?

- What are various types of Chinese martial arts?  How are they similar and different? 

- What makes Chinese martial arts unique, and how do they really work?

- What is Confuciansm?

- Who was Confucius?

- What is Daoism?

- What makes Chinese philosophy interesting and important in our time?

- How can Chinese philosophy be used practically in everyday life?

- What can Chinese philosophy teach us about modern politics?

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