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Exceptional Ideas About Humanity

Something is wrong with the world. You know this to be true. For those born in the 20th and 21st centuries, this much is clear – humanity has gone astray. What happened to us? This book presents with some profound answers to this question. Not all knowledge is created equal. Whichever ideas are readily accessible to the general public, are typically not of the superior kind. There are many exceptional ideas about humanity, which are hard to find and come by. This book, offers some of them. This treatise was written in the service of those inquisitive minds, who are willing to question the nature of their reality, and the narratives they have been told since childhood. Whether matters of Science, Religion, Politics, Law and even Biology are concerned – this tome pushes the envelope with cutting-edge ideas, about what it means to be human. It will surprise you. The contents will challenge you. Are you ready for a mind-expanding experience? Look inside.

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