Could Mankind be salvaged from its economic folly? Best selling author Jonathan Bluestein presents: Prosperism - an original, never before seen socio-economic philosophy and theory. Without any specific political inclinations, leaning neither left nor right, Prosperism introduces a balanced approach, to make society more fair, just and benevolent. Prosperism is a way to re-think Capitalism, and make it work much better. Prosperism is simple to understand, and profound in its impact. With but a minor, small adjustment to the current successful Capitalist modality, all of mankind may be transformed and improved dramatically. Read this treatise and be inspired - the change we covet is within our grasp!


Shifu Jonathan Bluestein, Toronto ON, Canada   |

Shifu Noam Klement, Los Angeles, USA  |

Shifu Yaniv Cohen, Hadera City, Israel  | 

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