Shifu Jonathan Bluestein, head of Blue Jade International, is highly sought after for his knowledge of the martial arts. On this page, you may find a number of interviews he had provided over the years. They all contain fascinating information and discussions concerning the traditional martial arts.

Interview #7

(Year 2019  |  ENGLISH)

Shifu Bluestein reveals how knowledge of acupuncture points can be used in fighting, and discusses the concept of Dian Mai (Dim Mak).

Interview #4

(Year 2018  |  ENGLISH)

Shifu Bluestein talks about the relationship between traditional Chinese culture and the development and practice of Chinese martial arts.

Interview #5

(Year 2018  |  ENGLISH)

Shifu Bluestein answers many questions about the topic of:  "How to travel abroad to study martial arts?". 

Interview #6

(Year 2018  |  ENGLISH)

Shifu Bluestein illuminates the deep connections between traditional martial arts, Chinese Medicine and Jungian Personality Psychology.

Interview #1

(Year 2015  |  ENGLISH)

Shifu Bluestein introduces his first book, Research of Martial Arts, and talks about the Internal Martial Arts. 

Interview #2

(Year 2016  |  HEBREW)

Shifu Bluestein discusses his first book, Research of Martial Arts, surveys the similarities and differences between Southern-Chinese martial arts, Okinawan Karate, and their parallel evolution. 

Interview #3

(Year 2016  |  ENGLISH)

Shifu Bluestein shares more about his first book, Research of Martial Arts, covers lots of the theory behind the Internal Martial Arts - their philosophy, their history, how their are practiced and how they are applied. 

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