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Ethics, Etiquette and Core Beliefs​

Members of Blue Jade Martial Arts:

- Leave their Ego at the door when entering a class.

- Are good people first, and martial artists - second.

- Cultivate self-defense, health and morality together.

- Engage in the study of authentic, traditional Chinese Gong Fu.

- Exercise common courtesy towards their teacher and fellow students.

- Follow their teacher's instructions, but are always encouraged to ask questions.

-  Begin and end each class with a mutual bow, as a sign of respect to one-another.

- Refrain from using unnecessary strength or violence inside and outside their Wu Guan. *

- Do their best to express gratitude towards the teaching, the teacher and fellow students.

- Strive to expand their intellectual and cultural horizons via continuous study.

- Recognize the lessons and wisdom contained in traditional Chinese culture.

- Arrive at each class on time, with proper attire and reasonable cleanliness.


- Believe in the importance of working hard to improve oneself and society.

- Honour themselves and their teacher by paying their tuition on time.  **

- Revere both their traditions and those of other martial arts schools.

- Avoid discussing politics and religion in class, to prevent conflicts.

- Happily partake in the effort to keep the school clean and tidy.

- Maintain this Blue Jade code of conduct at all times!


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* Wu Guan is a term in Mandarin Chinese meaning 'Martial Hall' (in Cantonese Chinese, the word Kwoon is used). Wu Guan is the traditional term used to denote a martial arts academy. Each branch of Blue Jade Martial Arts is a local Wu Guan.

**  Students who have been studying at a Blue Jade Wu Guan for over 3 months, and cannot continue to pay for any justifiable reason, would not be forced to do so. Such students however are expected to help their teacher with various chores if asked to, in exchange for the teachings. Furthermore, if such students are to later attain a stable financial status, it is expected that they eventually repay for their classes.

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