What is Qi Gong?

Inherent to the curriculum we teach, is the practice of Qi Gong. But what is it? Qi Gong, sometimes spelled as 'Chi Kung', is a form of 'Chinese Yoga'. It is a type of gentle, relaxing, meditative and healing practice for the body and mind. Qi Gong is very common in China, where people know it as a type of medicine. You can think of it as your own free health insurance, which is fun to practice, and that you can use to treat, and sometimes heal, a great deal of physical ailments and discomforts. In China and abroad, there are thousands of types of Qi Gong. The Qi Gong we teach, is a special and formerly secretive method called the 'Heavenly Shaped Qi Gong' (Tian Xing Qi Gong). 

Can I learn Qi Gong?

Most certainly, you can!  Any person between the ages of 18 - 80 can begin the study of Qi Gong at one of our Blue Jade schools,  even if they suffer from some physical challenge or disability. As long as one can stand, squat down and freely move two arms and two legs for a few minutes, the study and practice of Qi Gong is possible. Granted, most people can learn it without trouble. 

Learn Qi Gong!

Ancient Chinese methods for health

preservation and cultivation of Internal Skill



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What is Qi Gong?

Can I learn Qi Gong?

Who is it good for?

Does it require special effort?

Where can I study Qi Gong?










Who is it good for?

Our Qi Gong is terrific for the following types of individuals:

Any person who is looking to improve his or her quality of life and cultivate a spiritual practice. Especially, but not limited to, those in middle-age and their senior years.

Those who face a physical challenge or illness and wish to get better.

Practitioners and students of Traditional Chinese Medicine or other holistic healing methods, who seek a complimentary energetic skillset to support their study and methods.

Martial Artists who seek to deepen their practice and gain profound internal understanding and skills, applicable to just about any style.


Does it require special effort?

Unlike the practice of traditional martial arts, which can be quite demanding, the joy of Qi Gong can be effective in supporting our health and well-being with short practice sessions. Although actual classes can last 1.5 hours, for casual maintenance, even as little as 15 minutes would suffice to make one's day feel much better! It is an easygoing practice, which yields great results without excessive effort, while still providing a decent workout.

Where can I study it?

We offer special, designated Qi Gong classes in all of our Blue Jade schools. These classes are open to the public and are FREE OF CHARGE!  Please coordinate your arrival in advance by contacting the relevant teacher at your location.

Shifu Jonathan Bluestein, Toronto ON, Canada   |   jonathan.bluestein@gmail.com

Shifu Noam Klement, Los Angeles, USA  |  Noamklement4@gmail.com

Shifu Yaniv Cohen, Hadera City, Israel  |  Yaniv8cohen@hotmail.com 

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