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8th May, 2021

A Closed Gateway
By Jonathan Bluestein

One of the biggest conspiracies which the human race plays against itself, is the gradual elimination of our ability to survive without things we wear. The 'biological crutches' which we invented for convenience, comfort, and support during harsh undertakings and disease, have been weakening us with every passing generation.

We are still born with functional feet, but few can walk barefoot anymore for extended periods of time. As someone who has walked barefoot much of the time for several years, I can tell you that my feet have sadly not adjusted fully, and may have required an additional few years to regain full biological capacity.

A part of our bodies which is still highly functional for its intended purposes are our eyes. Yet I am saddened to witness how many people still opt to ruin them by wearing sunglasses. I have not worn sunglasses since I was a boy, and did quite well without any difficulty in hot and sunny Israel.

One thing which prompted me to avoid wearing sunglasses, were the all-too-common stories of people whose 'addition' of these 'crutches of vision' have hurt them. Having gotten used to displaying these items on their faces throughout much of their day, they found out within weeks that they had difficulties exposing their eyes to light when without these crutches. The damage was often long-term.

What people fail to realize, due to the failures of Western Medicine, is that light-sensitivities tend to reflect imbalances in the internal organs, commonly (but not always) related to one's liver. Traditional Chinese Medicine is excellent at dealing with this. However, putting on sunglasses to solve the problem, is like taking painkillers - it alleviates some discomfort, but never addresses the root cause, and will over time make things worse.

What else happens when we wear sunglasses, is that the Sun's light is distorted, and does not enter our bodies in the manner in which it was supposed to. Our eyes were created to function in very specific ways with light, bearing many complex implications, and sunglasses disturb this processing of a key nutrient.

I take it though, that the most important reason to not wear sunglasses is not medical. All ancient civilizations agreed that "the eyes are the gateway to the Soul". This sentence and reasoning were spoken by Native Americans, Jews, Chinese, Japanese and many others. To cover one's eyes prevents others from having genuine interactions with us, and greatly disturbs our own ability to manifest our intentions in the world.

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