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Shifu Jonathan Bluestein, the head of Blue Jade International, is a prolific author, who has published numerous written works. Many of his fascinating articles on general topics unrelated to the martial arts, can be accessed by clicking on their names below (for shifu Bluestein's books, click here).

Year 2020

On the Evils of Paid Parking - How Indirect Taxation Leads to Slavery

The Unspoken Lesson From the Story of Noah's Ark​

Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Philosophy of Science​


Year 2021

Why Western People Commonly Misunderstand Traditional Chinese People

The Currency of the Future​

The Family Lineage - What is the Worth of What We Leave Behind?

What We Can Learn About Police Violence by Comparing the Nazis and the Jews​

The Yin and Yang of Political Power​

Buddhism and the Free Market​

To Study Humans Without Knowing Humans

Insights Into the Similarities and Differences Between Jewish and Indian Cultures​

An Analysis of the Act of Stealthing Through the Philosophy of Law (Jurisprudence)

Why Do I Write?

Allegory of Fortune

Those Who Can't Do, Teach?!​

Why Do They Not Teach Law to Your Children?

The Religion of the Simulation

The False Philanthropists​

The Paradox of a Criminal Democracy​

A Deep Investigation of How the Jews View and Treat their Dead​

Thoughts on Cancel Culture​

Globalism is Economic Imperialism​

Misguided Notions About Women's Rights​

Literature of Deception​

A Closed Gateway​ - On How Sunglasses Ruin Human Biology and Social Interactions

From the Jew to the Black American​

Free or Paid High-Education? NEITHER!

The Top of the Pyramid is the Narrowest Part

The Case Against Buddhism

פוליטיקאים בקורונה? כאן חשדתי

הגם אתה, קונספירטור?

אתם אינכם נאצים מלידה

כלב מחייך, צמית שמח

Year 2022

Masks and the Three Layers of the Psyche

Why Humans Name Storms

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