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How much does a first class cost?

At Blue Jade Martial Arts schools, we provide aspiring students with a free group trial class. Under special circumstances, one may even receive two free trial classes, or free short private introductory class.


  Because we feel that cultivating a personal relationship based on trust between teacher and student, is of foremost importance. We want you to feel that you can trust your future teacher, and that he can trust you. We would like that if you eventually choose to become a member of our organization, you would do so because your wholeheartedly believe that it is the right choice for you to make. 


What can I expect on my first class at a 'Blue Jade' school?

Smiles and a warm welcome, first and foremost. Our teachers believe that hospitality is important. We were all beginners once, the teachers too of course, so we understand your situation, being a guest in a new and unfamiliar place.

You would not be overly stimulated on your first class, unless you specifically request the teacher to push your limits. New students train alongside everyone else and learn the exact same material as the others, but are usually not expected to perform at the same intensity, and certainly not at the same level of accuracy, speed or power. But if you find that you can stand up to higher standards - all the better! You will progress quicker. Regardless, all students are equal in the class, regardless of rank. The newcomer is the only person who may receive special aid and preferential treatment, if necessary. 

Feel free to ask any questions. Our professional teachers and instructors would be happy to answer and explain. Please be patient though - sometimes one needs to practice a certain technique or exercise for a few minutes, before an answer can be given. 

Special attire is not required for new students. You may come to class with any comfortable sports garments. Training can be had with shoes, but we encourage all students to practice barefoot, and nearly all of them do, unless we opt to practice outside and the weather is harsh. Do avoid clothing which is sexually provocative or bears politically charged slogans. While we do not mind our students wearing anything they want outside of class, at a martial arts school things are different. The practice of martial arts calls for close physical proximity and contact. Due to this reality, when the clothing is too provocative in some people eyes, that can cause conflict, and therefore we discourage wearing such items to class.

Our goal is to make sure you have a good time and learn something new and interesting. We want you to step out of your first class feeling you were challenged, but happy you have undergone such an adventure and eager to learn more. It is important to us that your first class would therefore be a positive, beneficial and memorable experience. 

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