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How can I become a Teacher of Tong Bu Dao?

There are no shortcuts for this prestigious title - only hard work. In summary, this is the process:

1. You enroll at a Blue Jade Martial Arts school. The minimum requirements for someone to teach, are 1200 training hours (in the school and at home) and 3 years of training. This is the BARE MINIMUM. Most people will take about 5-6 years to get there with regular training.


2. Eventually, following this time-frame and based on routine tests, your teacher will determine whether you are fit for teaching. Then once your teacher gives his blessings and approves that your are up to standard, and if you are so inclined (to teach),  you will attain the title of 'Laoshi' - Instructor, upon passing the test for level 9 (out of 18). As soon as you attain the Laoshi rank, you may open your own school, and may also enroll at a teacher's course if you wish.


3. At the teacher's course you shall undergo professional instruction of some 210 hours. The instruction will include, but is not limited to:  Basics of Chinese language, philosophy, ethics, etiquette, psychology, pedagogy, teaching methodology, anatomy, biology, physiology, Chinese Medicine, first-aid and hands-on internship. 


4. Upon completion of the teacher's course and passing the test for level 11 (out of 18), you will attain the title of 'Shifu' - Teacher. This also requires a minimum of 2000 training hours and 3.5 years of training, though most people will take about 6-7 years to get there.


Teaching is not obligatory!

One can continue to practice, learn and advance

through the ranks while opting not to teach.

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