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Why choose Blue Jade?

We might be among very few who would tell you this:  Do not choose Blue Jade because it is the first martial arts school you stepped into! Choose Blue Jade once you have visited a number of martial arts schools, and realized that you like what we have to offer more so than 'the competition'. Furthermore, make sure in choosing a Blue Jade school, or any other martial arts school for that matter, that you like the teacher; because if you do not like someone, you probably will not study from them well. 


Then assuming you like one of our teachers - why really choose Blue Jade, then?


Because we are different. Our kind of instruction, you are unlikely to find elsewhere. We have faith in strong and long-lasting traditions, but we bring forth their teachings to the modern era with a twist. A lot of people nowadays talk about traditional Chinese gongfu and 'internal' aspects of the martial arts. Few possess the real thing. Blue Jade Martial Arts schools sustain and cultivate such methods and skills, and we would gladly demonstrate them to you - hands on and without keeping secrets. 


Choose us because we are a supportive community, which you to can be a part of. An international group of like-minded people, who tremendously enjoy the immense benefits that traditional martial arts bring to our lives. There has not been a single long-term student in our organization whose life was not positively transformed by the training. Once you get a grip of our holistic approach to doing things, you would be in possession of very powerful instruments for transforming yourself and the people around you.

People usually come to us for self-defense, fitness or improving their health. But soon they find that what we offer at the Blue Jade schools is so much more. Our Tong Bu Dao system is all-encompassing. From a brighter, happier outlook on living, to conflict-resolutions skills, better sleeping techniques, meditation, healing yourself and others, or gaining access to esoteric knowledge from other cultures that you would not find online - you will feel the effects of such a study sipping deep into your core. Though much is offered, each person studies at his or her own pace and capacity, without pressure. The system can modify itself to the specific needs and wants of each student, keeping everyone happy without having to make a compromise in the overall level of instruction. 

Students at Blue Jade affiliated schools receive access to our inner social network, which is updated daily with fascinating teachings on traditional martial arts, Chinese philosophy, Chinese history, Chinese medicine, Psychology and more!  These teachings are given free to all students in the form of images, videos, articles and often lectures. This knowledge is never made public and is only accessible to our students. Beyond being immensely interesting, these are also summaries of many volumes, saving students the time and need to read countless books and articles in order to get the same information.


to find a Blue Jade Martial Arts school near you!

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