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Welcome to Blue Jade Martial Arts!

Ours is an international organization with the goal of preserving and disseminating traditional Chinese Gong Fu, for the betterment of society. The classes we offer are accessible and affordable for most people. We teach students ages 13-75, and we take pride in the diversity of the bright minds and good hearts which are part of our vigorus community. No prior experience is required to begin training. The focus of the study is the dual cultivation of a resilient mind and body. Alongside a foremost element of effective self-defense, we stress physical fitness and flexibility, maintaining good health and longevity, addressing psychological challenges and building strong character. These are based on the foundations of etiquette, ethical conduct, and Eastern Philosophy (Daoism, Buddhism and Confucianism). Our approach is supportive rather than competitive. That being said, realism in training is emphasized for those who have an interest in learning the advanced intricacies of combat, through full-contact applications and sparring.

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Our academies provide classes in a unique curriculum - a system called Tong Bu Dao (The Way of Synchronicity). This name, Tong Bu Dao, encompasses several traditional Chinese martial arts, which are taught in succession (not together). Tong Bu Dao is more than simply practicing martial arts - it is the intimate study of the human body and mind, Eastern Philosophy, Jungian Psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, History, and a supportive global community. Our schools thus offer a knowledge that can last you for a lifetime of gratifying study and vibrant health. Through the study of Tong Bu Dao, an individual can become the best version of himself or herself, because this system features an eclectic yet unified and holistic approach for understanding the world we live in to the utmost. We stand upon the shoulders of giants before us - many generations which together, through  entire lifetimes of tremendous positive effort, managed to lead us unto the path we walk and teach today. We show our gratitude and respect for the ancestors' heritage in part, by assuring that the instruction abides by the higher standards of old-world teaching, as a master would educate and guide his disciples in bygone times.


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