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What do we teach?

The schools under the 'Blue Jade' umbrella teach a system of martial arts called 'Tong Bu Dao' - The Way of Synchronicity. The Tong Bu Dao system was created by Shifu Jonathan Bluestein. The Tong Bu Dao system is a complete internal martial arts curriculum which includes striking, grappling, joint-locking, ground-fighting, weaponry, meditation and health-preservation methods. It features both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Any reasonably-healthy adult from the ages of 13 - 75 can study Tong Bu Dao. No prior experience is necessary. In addition to martial arts, Tong Bu Dao includes the advanced study of traditional Chinese culture, as part of a holistic vision for helping people become the best of themselves.



You have just revealed the entire curriculum to me. How come?

Because the members of Blue Jade Martial Arts do not believe in needlessly keeping secrets. We believe it is important that students feel confident about what they learn. Students should be able to know what is expected of them, and what can be achieved with training. Therefore, unlike some other traditional Chinese martial arts schools, our entire curriculum is public, and we teach without bias or politics.

Is Tong Bu Dao a new martial art?
Click here for an explanation.

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