How long does it take to become proficient in Tong Bu Dao?
It depends on your goal. For improving one's overall health, serious results will be observed within 3 months of dedicated practice, or less. For being able to defend oneself well from most threats, is required at least 1 year of dedicated practice (for both men and women). To become very proficient and skilled in the methods and techniques, can be achieved within 3 years of dedicated practice. To be able to teach the system (more about this here), can take the upwards of 4-7 years, varying based on amount of time spent training (usually over 6 years, but may be sooner for those with prior experience). To study the entire Tong Bu Dao system can take as much as 8-15 years, depending on the person's efforts and willingness to learn. However, there is absolutely no need to study the entire system. Each level in the system, from 1 to 18, is a standalone stepping stone full of wealth and breadth of knowledge. To learn what it takes to teach Tong Bu Dao, click here.